Orange Valencia 15KG

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10 pc

Orange Valencia 15KG

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Valencia Oranges are a type of sweet orange known for their juicy and refreshing taste. They are ideal for juicing, snacking, and adding citrus flavor to dishes and desserts.

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KD 1.000

10 pc
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Orange Valencia

The Orange Valencia 15KG is a vibrant and succulent citrus fruit renowned for its exceptional taste and refreshing juiciness. Cultivated in the fertile orchards, these oranges are carefully selected for their premium quality and vibrant orange hue. With a perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess, each bite offers a burst of citrus flavor that is both satisfying and invigorating.

The thick, pebbled skin of the Orange Valencia 15KG is easy to peel, revealing a luscious, juicy interior that is filled with pulpy goodness. This variety is known for its high vitamin C content, making it a nutritious choice for a wholesome snack or a zesty addition to salads and desserts. Whether enjoyed on its own or squeezed into a refreshing glass of juice, the Orange Valencia 15KG is a symbol of quality and freshness, providing a delightful citrus experience for discerning fruit enthusiasts.

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South Africa

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South Africa


Winter - Spring

Avg. Shelf Life from Harvest

1 — 2 weeks


Indulge in the vibrant citrus flavor of our Valencia Oranges, offered in a generous 15-kilogram package. Known for their succulent juiciness and sweet taste, these oranges are a refreshing delight for any palate. Sourced from premium groves, our Valencia Oranges are carefully selected to ensure optimal ripeness and quality. Bursting with vitamins and natural goodness, these oranges are perfect for fresh-squeezed juices, wholesome snacks, or culinary creations. With a brilliant orange hue and a delightful balance of sweetness and tanginess, our Valencia Oranges are a symbol of premium quality and farm-fresh goodness. Elevate your culinary experience with the exceptional taste of these 15 kilograms of pure sunshine in every bite.

Cultural Significance

The Orange Valencia 15KG holds profound cultural significance, embodying the vibrancy and sweetness associated with this iconic citrus fruit. Revered for its rich history, the Valencia orange has become a symbol of sun-soaked groves and Mediterranean landscapes, influencing art, literature, and culinary traditions. Its brilliant hue symbolizes energy and warmth, making it a popular choice in festivals and celebrations worldwide. From its origins to the present day, the Orange Valencia 15KG continues to be a cultural touchstone, connecting people through the shared experience of its delightful taste and visually appealing presence.


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Store in cool, dry place




10 pc


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